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Table 1 Compartment gene sets are enriched for candidate genes of ocular diseases

From: Differential gene expression in anatomical compartments of the human eye

  Disease-associated genes on array Disease-associated genes expressed in affected compartment Percentage of known disease-associated genes identified Average fold enrichment compared to total number of genes in interval P-value
Lens 15 8 53 2.4 0.002
Cornea 13 9 69 2.0 0.005
Retina 42 23 55 2.3 0.0004
  1. Arrays were standardized to the same median intensity and genes exhibiting minimum intensities of 2,500 in any compartment were identified. Genetic diseases affecting the lens, cornea, or retina were collated from the RetNet [71] and Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man [72] databases, along with their cytogenetic map positions. The table indicates the number of cloned disease genes on the arrays, the number contained in a given compartment gene set, the percentage of known disease genes included in the signatures, the average fold enrichment compared to the total number of genes in each cytogenetic interval, and the statistical significance of this enrichment (using the hypergeometric distribution).