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Figure 5

From: Genomic mapping of RNA polymerase II reveals sites of co-transcriptional regulation in human cells

Figure 5

PolII enrichment is not always within annotated gene boundaries. Views are from the UCSC Genome Browser genome version HG16. PolIIa is in black and PolII is in blue with four rows for each, representing the data at different p-values: p < 10-5, p < 10-4, p < 10-3, and p < 10-2 from top to bottom. RNA signal in red. (a, b) PolII extending beyond the 3' end of the annotated gene. (c, d) PolII signal in putative intergenic regions with observed RNA signal also observed in the vicinity; (d) covers chromosome 11, positions 285,000-290,000. These regions are conserved and are also near predicted genscan exons. These novel sites not in the gene regions were confirmed by PCR.

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