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Figure 4

From: Refinement and prediction of protein prenylation motifs

Figure 4

Determinants of GGT2 prenylation. (a) Sequence logos [74] of Ras superfamily members around part of the Rab-REP interaction site (colored red in the otherwise yellow GTPase structure). (b) Structural model of the Rab-REP-GGT2 prenylation complex based on PDB entries 1LTX [77] and 1VG0 [4]. REP1 (green) has a prenyl-binding pocket which is proposed to be involved in the dual geranylgeranylation mechanism (bound geranylgeranyl is shown in green). However, the catalytic attachment to the substrate cysteines takes place in the center of the GGT2 alpha-beta complex (light and dark blue) where the prenylpyrophosphate that will be transferred is also bound (blue space-filling representation, zinc in red). The structure was visualized using Swiss-Pdb Viewer [59].

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