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Figure 2

From: Refinement and prediction of protein prenylation motifs

Figure 2

The two CaaX prenyltransferases. (a) Ribbon representations of FT (PDB 1D8D [75]) and GGT1 (PDB 1N4Q [76]); pink, alpha subunit; yellow, beta subunit. (b) The prenylpyrophosphates (green) and CaaX tetrapeptides (blue) inside the binding pockets with enzyme-specific conservation (conservation in FT or GGT1 minus conservation in joined FT+GGT1 alignment) mapped to binding-pocket surface. Increasing conservation difference is shaded from white to yellow to red. FPP, farnesyl-, GGPP, geranylgeranylpyrophosphate. The alignment of the sequences of these proteins is shown in Figure 6. Visualized with Swiss-Pdb Viewer [59].

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