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Table 2 Overview of mutants with a fitness defect of at least 20% or altered flux distribution

From: Large-scale 13C-flux analysis reveals mechanistic principles of metabolic network robustness to null mutations in yeast

Mutants Fitness defect in YPD Fitness defect in MM Altered intracellular flux distribution*
Total number of mutants 3 of 38   12 (+1) of 38   11 of 38  
Singleton genes fum1 gly1 fum1 pda1 fum1 pda1
    gly1 rpe1 lsc1 rpe1
    oac1 zwf1 mae1 zwf1
Duplicate genes adh1   adh1 sdh1 adh1 cox5A
    ald6 sol3 ald6 mdh1
    cox5A (gnd1)   
  1. *See Figures 5 and 6. Lethal mutations are given in parentheses.