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Table 1 Genes included in the synthetic lethality matrix

From: Synthetic lethal analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans posterior embryonic patterning genes identifies conserved genetic interactions

ORF Gene Identification Genotype used in this study
F17A2.5 ceh-40 Homeodomain protein (Extradenticle ortholog) ceh-40(ok740) X
K10B4.6 cwn-1 Putative Wnt ligand cwn-1(ok546) II
D1081.2 unc-120 MADS domain TF unc-120(st364) I
B0304.1 hlh-1 bHLH TF hlh-1(cc561) II
C44C10.8 hnd-1 Hand bHLH TF hnd-1(q740) X
F35G12.6 mab-21 Highly conserved novel protein mab-21(bx53)III; him-5(e1490)V
F11C1.6 nhr-25 Nuclear hormone receptor +/szT1 [lon-2(e678)] I; nhr-25(jm2389)/szT1 X
Y75B8A.2 nob-1 Homeodomain TF (posterior Hox paralog) nob-1(ct223) dpy-18(e364) unc-25(e156) III; eDp6 (III;f)
K02B9.4 elt-3 GATA TF elt-3(gk121) X
T07C4.2 tbx-8 T-box TF (Brachyury) tbx-8(ok656) III
M142.4 vab-7 Homeobox TF (even-skipped subfamily) vab-7(e1562) III
T07C4.6 tbx-9 T-box TF (Brachyury) Mutant not available
C55C2.1   Zinc-finger TF Mutant not available
C38D4.6 pal-1 Homeobox TF (cad subfamily) pal-1(ct224) dpy-17(e164) ncl-1(e1865) unc-36(e251) III; sDp3(f:III); lin-2(e1309) X
W09C2.1 elt-1 GATA TF elt-1(zu180) unc-43(e408)/unc-24(e138) dpy-20(e1282) IV
F18A1.2 lin-26 Zinc-finger TF lin-26(n156) II
T28F12.2 unc-62 Meis-class homeodomain (Homothorax ortholog) unc-62(e644) V
C28C12.7 spp-10 Predicted prosaposin Mutant not available
R02D3.1   Dehydrogenase Mutant not available
C09D4.2   Uncharacterized Mutant not available
R07C3.11   Uncharacterized Mutant not available
T22B7.3   Uncharacterized Mutant not available
C46H11.2   Uncharacterized Mutant not available
ZK1307.1   Uncharacterized Mutant not available
C01G6.1 aqp-2 Aquaporin Mutant not available
T27D12.1   Sodium/phosphate transporter Mutant not available
  1. Most of the genes were included in the matrix because they had been genetically determined to be PAL-1 targets (that is, their expression either directly or indirectly depends on PAL-1 function) and were therefore presumed to have genetic interactions among them. Three additional genes encoding transcriptional regulators (lin-26, ceh-40, and unc-62) were included as their phenotypes and expression patterns suggest that they may have genetic interactions with PAL-1 targets. TF, transcription factor.