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Table 3 Thiol-dependent redox selenoproteins detected in the Sargasso Sea database and their predicted redox motifs containing Sec (U)

From: The microbial selenoproteome of the Sargasso Sea

Selenoprotein family Redox motif Individual sequences
Known redox proteins   
Peroxiredoxin TXXU 43
Proline reductase PrdB UXXC 42
Prx-like protein UXXC 21
  UXC 1
Thioredoxin UXXC 11
Glutathione peroxidase UXXT 5
AhpD-like protein CXXU 27
Arsenate reductase UXXS 14
Glutaredoxin UXXC 10
DsbA-like protein UXXC 9
Thiol-disulfide isomerase-like protein UXXC 4
OsmC-like protein UXXT 3
DsrE-like protein UXXC 2
DsbG-like protein UXXC 1
NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase TXXU 1
Candidate redox proteins   
SelW-like protein CXXU 48
CMD domain-containing protein CXXU 4
Hypothetical protein 1 CXXU 4