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Table 4 GC3 influences codon-pair context

From: Comparative context analysis of codon pairs on an ORFeome scale

ORFeome [- ∞, -9] [-9, -3] [-3, 3] [3, 9] [9, + ∞]
S. cerevisiae 0.0 2.5 94.2 3.3 0.0
E. coli 0.7 15.2 67.1 15.0 2.0
  1. In order to measure the influence of GC bias on codon-pair context, the percentage of adjusted residuals that reversed their residual signals from positive to negative (or vice versa) between low and high GC3 subgroups of ORFs was determined. Most of the residual signal inversions for both species considered fall within the nonstatistically significant interval of the residuals (-3 to +3) indicating that GC3 bias is mainly felt in codon-pairs where the association is very weak or nonexistent (highlighted in bold).