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Table 1 Predicted G-protein-coupled receptor-like proteins in M. grisea

From: Novel G-protein-coupled receptor-like proteins in the plant pathogenic fungus Magnaporthe grisea

Known receptors used as query in BLAST against M. grisea proteins or another search method M. grisea proteins retrieved by known receptor (BLASTP) E-value Other proteins homologous to M. grisea proteins retrieved by known receptor PfamA GPCR domains (E-value)/conserved domain identified in the present study
Pheromone receptor (CAC86431; STE2-like) MG04711.4* 3e-65   Pfam STE2 (2.1e-04)
Pheromone receptor STE3 (STE3_YEAST) MG06452.4 2e-14   Pfam STE3 (1.1e-09)
cAMP receptor TASA (Q9NDL2) MG06738.4* ,† 5e-11   Pfam7tm_2 (1.3e-04)/cAMP_dom
    MG06797.4 cAMP_dom
    MG06257.4* cAMP_dom
    MG00326.4 Pfam 7tm_2 (7.9e-05)/cAMP_dom
    MG00258.4 cAMP_dom
    MG10544.4 cAMP_dom
GPCR GPR1 (GPR1_YEAST) MG08803.4 4e-18   
GPCR STM1 (STM1_SCHPO) MG04698.4* 5e-19   STM1_dom
  MG02855.4* ,† 1e-17   STM1_dom
GPCR mPR (NP_848509) MG05072.4* 6e-17   mPR_dom
    MG09091.4* mPR_dom
    MG04679.4* ,† mPR_dom
PTH11 receptor (AF119670_1) MG05871.4 (PTH11) * ,†,‡ 0   PTH11_dom
  MG10473.4 3e-34   PTH11_dom
  MG06755.4 1e-33   PTH11_dom
  MG07553.4 2e-32   PTH11_dom
  MG09022.4* ,‡ 2e-27   PTH11_dom
  MG07565. * ,†,‡4 6e-23   PTH11_dom
  MG07946.4†,‡ 3e-21   PTH11_dom
  MG11006.4 2e-32   PTH11_dom
  MG09070.4* 2e-29   PTH11_dom
  MG07806.4 2e-21   PTH11_dom
  MG03584.4 1e-22   PTH11_dom
  MG05214.4* 4e-31   PTH11_dom
  MG09863.4* ,‡ 1e-28   PTH11_dom
  MG10407.4* 3e-26   PTH11_dom
  MG10571.4* ,† 4e-25   PTH11_dom
  MG01867.4 1e-23   PTH11_dom
  MG09455.4†,‡ 2e-23   PTH11_dom
  MG10050.4 1e-14   PTH11_dom
  MG09667.4 1E-22   PTH11_dom
  MG05352.4* 2e-22   PTH11_dom
  MG07420.4 1e-21   PTH11_dom
  MG10442.4 4e-20   PTH11_dom
  MG02160.4 6e-19   PTH11_dom
  MG02001.4* ,† 1e-18   PTH11_dom
  MG10257.4 2e-18   PTH11_dom
  MG01905.4 2e-17   PTH11_dom
  MG07987.4 1e-16   PTH11_dom
  MG10438.4* ,‡ 6e-18   PTH11_dom
  MG06171.4* 1e-17   PTH11_dom
  MG07851.4 1e-17   PTH11_dom
  MG04935.4* 1e-17   PTH11_dom
  MG05386.4 3e-17   PTH11_dom
  MG09865.4* ,† 3e-16   PTH11_dom
  MG09061.4 4e-16   PTH11_dom
  MG05514.4* ,† 1e-16   PTH11_dom
  MG06535.4* 3e-14   PTH11_dom
  MG01190.4 7e-14   PTH11_dom
  MG10581.4* 7e-14   PTH11_dom
  MG03009.4* 2e-13   PTH11_dom
  MG10747.4 8e-13   PTH11_dom
  MG03935.4 2e-12   PTH11_dom
    MG04682.4* PTH11_dom
  MG09416.4 1e-10   PTH11_dom
  MG02692.4* 2e-10   PTH11_dom
    MG07857.4 PTH11_dom
    MG00826.4 PTH11_dom
    MG06624.4* ,† PTH11_dom
    MG00435.4* PTH11_dom
    MG08653.4* PTH11_dom
    MG10706.4* ,† PTH11_dom
    MG04170.4* PTH11_dom
    MG08525.4* PTH11_dom
    MG00277.4*,† PTH11_dom
    MG02365.4* PTH11_dom
    MG06595.4 PTH11_dom
    MG06084.4* PTH11_dom
    MG09437.4* PTH11_dom
    MG01890.4 PTH11_dom
    MG01871.4 PTH11_dom
    MG03794.4 PTH11_dom
    MG01884.4* PTH11_dom
InterProScan MG00532.1 MG00532.4 (weak similarity to animal GPCRs) *    Pfam 7tm_2 (1.4e-02)
  1. Classes of GPCR-like protein in M. grisea were subdivided on the basis of BLASTP analysis and shared domains, as described in Materials and methods. They were clustered into paralogous families if the proteins showed 30% identity and 80% overlap over the complete length of the protein. Paralogous families are separated by a blank line. The GPCR-like proteins in M. grisea could be classified into nine subclasses containing more than one member and 48 containing a single member. Six subclasses contained two members, two contained three and one contained six. *M. grisea proteins represented by genes expressed in microarray experiments. M. grisea proteins that are represented in M. grisea ESTs. Proteins containing the cysteine-rich CFEM domain.