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Figure 2

From: A DNA microarray survey of gene expression in normal human tissues

Figure 2

Liver-specific gene expression. (a) Thumbnail overview of a hierarchical cluster of 115 normal tissue specimens and 353 variably expressed genes identified using the SAM method (see Materials and methods) as selectively expressed in liver (false discovery rate = 0.12%). Genes are hierarchically clustered, while samples are grouped by tissue type and ordered according to anatomical location/function. Mean-centered gene-expression ratios are depicted by a log2 pseudocolor scale (indicated); samples are color-coded by tissue type. (b-d) Selected gene-expression clusters (locations indicated by vertical colored bars). Because of space limitations, only named genes (and not expressed sequence tags (ESTs)) are indicated. Tissue-specific genes identified for other tissues are available as Additional data files 3 and 6.

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