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Table 3 DNA-repair genes missing only in P. marinus MED4 or in both MED4 and SS120

From: Accelerated evolution associated with genome reduction in a free-living prokaryote

Gene COG Product MED4 SS120 MIT9313 WH8102
ada/ogt 0350 6-O-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase - - PMT0269 SYNW1680
mutY 1194 A/G-specific DNA glycosylase - Pro1789 PMT0135 SYNW0115
recQ 0514 Superfamily II DNA helicase - - PMT0189 SYNW1958
recJ 0608 Single-stranded DNA-specific exonuclease - Pro0984 PMT0761 SYNW1206
exoI/xseA 1570 Exonuclease VII large subunit - Pro0111 PMT1641 SYNW2181
xseB 1722 Exonuclease VII small subunit - Pro0112 PMT1642 SYNW2182
- 0494 NUDIX hydrolase family - - PMT1026 SYNW1334
  1. Genes in bold are involved in repair of G:C to A:T mutations.