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Table 1 Divergently transcribed genes, grouped in pairs of which at least one is a target of Sko1, according to a targeted ChIP assay

From: Chipper: discovering transcription-factor targets from chromatin immunoprecipitation microarrays using variance stabilization

Gene Promoter Target?
FAA1 -827/-576 Yes
COT1 -1,743/-1,561 No
PUT4 -617/-372 Yes
CIN1 -1,007/ - No
RPI1 -606/-451 Yes
RHO3 -1,611/-1,336 No
SPO20 -449/-211 Yes
SOK2 -1,896/- No
  1. Promoter distances are measured in nucleotides from the start codon of gene 1. Both genes of a pair are counted as positives in evaluating the algorithm described here, since distinguishing members of these pairs is beyond the resolution of Chip2 experimental technology. ChIP, chromatin immunoprecipitation.