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Table 2 Survey of candidate genes previously implicated in Drosophila defense and immunity

From: Genome-wide gene expression in response to parasitoid attack in Drosophila

Functional classification of proteins or genes Differentially expressed candidate gene Cluster number
Hemocyte proliferation and differentiationa
   JAK/STAT pathway   
Ligands -  
Receptors dome (CG14226), CG14225 2
JAK hop (CG1594) 2
STAT -  
Possible effector molecules TepI (CG18096), TepII (CG7052), TepIV (CG10363) 12
  TotB (CG5609) 8
   Toll pathway (in lymph glands)   
Ligands -  
Regulators of pathway nec (CG1857) 2
Receptors Tl (CG5490) 3
Intracellular signaling elements -  
NF-κB transcription factor Relish (CG11992) 4
   Ras/Raf/MAPK pathway -  
   Notch pathway -  
   VEGF receptor pathway -  
   GATA factor homologs (e.g. srp) -  
   RUNX/AML1-like proteins (lz) -  
Cellular defense, in particular encapsulation b
   Recognition/surface binding factors   
Extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins (e.g. laminin, collagen IV, fibronectin) dome (CG14226) 2
  prc (CG5700) 14
  Hml (CG7002) 10
  CG6788/CG32496 11
Integrins αPS4 (CG16827) 11
Immunoglobulin superfamily members Pxn (CG12002) 6
  CG8100 10
  CG14225 13
Scavenger receptors (CD36-like) CG12789 4
  CG2736 10
  Tequila (CG4821) 12
Possible pattern recognition receptors lectin-24A (CG3410) 12
G-protein type receptors mthl2 (CG17795) 11
   Surface helper molecules   
Vinculin, talin, paxillins -  
   Surface-associated signaling molecules   
Integrin-linked focal adhesion kinases (FAKs) -  
   Integral membrane proteins rost (CG9552) 4
  Tsp42Ek (CG12841) 9
   Intracellular signaling pathway factors   
Phosphotidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) -  
GTP-binding proteins (Ras/Rho family members) -  
Protein kinase C (PKCs) or PKC regulators CG5958 (PKC transporter) 10
Protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTPs) dome (CG14226) 2
Serine/threonine kinases -  
Scaffolding proteins (RACK) -  
Cytoskeletal proteins (actins, tubulins, for example) αTub85E (CG9476), αTub84D (CG2512), αTub84E (CG1913), βTub60D (CG3401) 11
   Eicosinoid pathway elements -  
   Effector molecules   
NO pathway factors -  
PPO pathway factors Dox-A3 (CG2952), CG11313, 11
  G8193, Bc (CG5779), 9
  Fmo-2 (CG3174) 15
Porferins or related molecules -  
Tumor necrosis factor (TNFs) CG13559 2
Humoral defense b
   Humoral pattern-recognition receptors PGRP-SB1 (CG9681) 1
  lectin-24A (CG3410) 12
  Hml (CG7002) 10
   Serine proteases CG3066 2
  CG30414, CG30086, CG30090, Tequila (CG4821), CG16705, CG31780 / BG:DS07108.1 (CG18477), CG6639, CG3117, CG31827/BG:DS07108.5 (CG18478), CG18563, CG4793, CG4259 12
  CG11313 11
  CG16713 4
   Serpins and other protease inhibitors nec 2
  CG6687, CG16712, CG16705, TepI (CG18096), TepII (CG7052), TepIV (CG10363) 12
  BcDNA:SD04019 (CG17278) 14
  CG16704 1
   Known ligand-like molecules (e.g. spz) -  
   Surface receptors   
Toll and associated family members TI (CG5490) 3
   Toll or imd pathway (in fatbody)   
Intracellular signalling elements (e.g., tube, Pelle, DTRAF, DECSIT) -  
NF-κB transcription factor Rel (CG11992) 4
   Effector molecules or antimicrobial peptides AttA (CG10146), AttB (CG18372) 1
  Mtk (CG8175), IM1 (CG18108), IM2 (CG18106), CG13422, CG15066 2
  IM4 (CG15231), CG18279, CG16844 14
   Related apoptotic regulators   
Dredd -  
Ubiquitins -  
   PPO and associated pathway molecules Dox-A3 (CG2952) 11
   Melanin and free-radical intermediates Fmo-2 (CG3174) 15
  1. The table lists the different functional classes of genes and protein surveyed, any genes in these classes that were differentially expressed, and the cluster the gene was assigned to. Note that some genes with multiple annotations can appear in more than one category.
  2. aBased on [17,66,90,91]; bbased on [11,92] (MR Strand, personal communication).