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Table 2 Potential domain interactions of G-protein β and γ subunits

From: Inferring protein domain interactions from databases of interacting proteins

G-protein γ subunit domain G-protein β subunit domain   
Pfam ID Pfam accession Pfam ID Pfam accession θ E
G-gamma PF00631 Pfam-B_2804 PB002804 0.83 12
G-gamma PF00631 Pfam-B_17462 PB017462 0.62 0.44
G-gamma PF00631 Pfam-B_92195 PB092195 0.56 0.17
G-gamma PF00631 Pfam-B_12983 PB012983 0.56 0.17
G-gamma PF00631 WD40 PF00400 0.008 0.003
  1. In a network of interacting G-γ and G-β proteins, the interaction of domains G-gamma [Pfam:PF00631] and a Pfam-B domain found at the N-terminus of some G-β proteins [Pfam:PB002804] is the only domain interaction out of several possibilities with an E score > 3.0. This inferred domain interaction is consistent with structural [37] and biochemical [38,39] evidence that the G-β N-terminal region corresponding to PB002804 is important for the formation of G-βγ complexes, and with the observation that many other proteins with WD40 domains do not interact with proteins of the G-gamma domain family (data not shown). Apparently DPEA identifies domain interactions in G-βγ complexes.