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Table 3 Nesting behavior

From: Using ontologies to describe mouse phenotypes

Entity Attribute Assay Value
Social behavior 1. Attribute:qualitative Undefined_qualitative_assay 1. Abnormal
Huddling behavior 1. Inherited attribute of class Social Behavior   1.
  2. Attribute:huddling_frequency Undefined_huddling_frequency_assay 2.
     2a. Attribute:relative_huddling_frequency      2a
     2b. Attribute:absolute_huddling_frequency      2b
Nesting behavior 1. Inherited attribute of class Social behavior   1.
   Nest building 1. Inherited attribute of class Nesting behavior   
  1. Attribute:duration Undefined_duration_assay 1.
     1a. Attribute:relative_duration      1a. Slow, fast
     1b. Attribute:absolute_duration      1b. 45 min
  2. Attribute:height Undefined_height_assay 2.
     2a. Attribute:relative_height      2a. short_height, tall
     2b. Attribute:absolute_height      2b. 20 mm
  3. Attribute:weight Undefined_weight_assay 3.
     3a. Attribute:relative_weight      3a. heavy. light
     3b. Attribute:absolute_weight      3b. 10 g
  4. Attribute:quality Undefined_quality_assay 4. Good, well-formed, poor, fluffy
     4a. Attribute:shattering      4a.
     4b. Attribute:threshability      4b.
  5. Attribute:depth   5.
     5a. Attribute:relative_depth Undefined_relative_depth_assay    5a. Shallow
     5b. Attribute:absolute_depth Undefined_absolute_depth_assay    5b. 50 mm