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Table 2 Maintained expression in strains C1 and C5

From: Global expression changes resulting from loss of telomeric DNA in fission yeast

Gene name Category Gene name Category
SPBC1271.07c Acetyltransferase* aes1 + Transcription
SPBPB21E7.04c Amino acid/derivative metabolism* SPCC1840.12 Transporter*
SPBC119.03 Amino acid/derivative metabolism* cta3 + Transporter
SPAC139.05 Amino acid metabolism* SPBP4G3.03 Unknown/hypothetical
SPBC359.02 Amino acid metabolism* SPBC660.05 Unknown/hypothetical
SPACUNK4.17 Carbohydrate metabolism* SPAC25H1.01c Unknown/hypothetical
SPBC24C6.09c Carbohydrate metabolism* SPAC29A4.12c Unknown/hypothetical
SPAC3G9.11c Carbohydrate metabolism* SPBC19C7.04c Unknown/hypothetical
SPAC4H3.03c Carbohydrate metabolism* SPAC15E1.02c Unknown/hypothetical
SPCC1739.08c Carbohydrate metabolism* SPBC1348.03 Unknown/hypothetical
SPCC663.08c Carbohydrate metabolism* SPAC23C11.06c Unknown/hypothetical
SPAC513.02 Carbohydrate metabolism* SPAC637.03 Unknown/hypothetical
SPCC663.06c Carbohydrate metabolism* SPCC584.16c Unknown/hypothetical
tms1 + Carbohydrate metabolism SPBC21C3.19 Unknown/hypothetical
trt1 + DNA maintenance SPBC56F2.06 Unknown/hypothetical
SPAC19G12.09 Energy* SPCC16A11.15c Unknown/hypothetical
zym1 + Ion homeostasis SPCC338.18 Unknown/hypothetical
SPCC338.12 Protease inhibitor* SPAPB24D3.07c Unknown/hypothetical
SPBC16E9.16c Pseudogene SPCC70.04c Unknown/hypothetical
SPCC18B5.02c Pseudogene SPCC757.03c Unknown/hypothetical
SPBPB21E7.08 Pseudogene SPBC1271.08c Unknown/hypothetical
SPCC70.08c rRNA methyltransferase* SPCC191.01 Unknown/hypothetical
SPBC725.06c Signal transduction* SPAC27D7.10c Unknown/hypothetical
hsp16 + Stress response SPBC725.10 Unknown/hypothetical
cta1 + Stress response SPCC737.04 Unknown/hypothetical
gst2 + Stress (sulfur metabolism) SPAC27D7.09c Unknown/hypothetical
SPAC4H3.08 Stress response (lipid metabolism)* SPBC725.03 Unknown/hypothetical
  1. Fifty-four genes with maintained expression changes twofold or more in both of strains C1 and C5 that also had changed expression of twofold or more during 2 or more days in the growth curve. All but three genes (trt1+, cta3+ and SPBC359.02) are without changed expression in survivors with linear chromosomes (days 12-15 of growth curve). *Putative function.