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Figure 5

From: Microarray analysis of microRNA expression in the developing mammalian brain

Figure 5

Comparison of microarray data with representative developmental northern blots of microRNAs. Northern blots were prepared and microarray analysis was done using the same starting material. For each microRNA, northern blots (left panel) and the microarray hybridization signals (right panel) are shown. Quantification of northern blots is also shown (middle panel). Y-axis for the microarray data refers to the averaged mean signal intensities (× 10-3), and error bars are standard errors of the mean. Northern blots were done using 20 μg of total RNA in each lane. Because northern blots were exposed for different lengths of time, the intensities of the signals on northern blots cannot be directly compared to those from the microarrays. A probe against U6 snRNA was hybridized to the same blots for comparison.

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