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Figure 3

From: Discovery of estrogen receptor α target genes and response elements in breast tumor cells

Figure 3

Comparative analysis of estrogen-responsive gene expression profiles in T-47D and MCF-7 breast cancer cell lines revealed similar responses. (a) Expression data of 103 genes that were responsive to E2 and sensitive to ICI treatment in T47-D cells and present in the MCF-7 dataset [31] revealed concordant responses to E2 in 64% (66/103) of the genes (highlighted in magenta). (b) If the MCF-7 data is selected for E2-responsive and tamoxifen (Tam)-sensitive genes (see Materials and methods), there is a 24-gene overlap between the two datasets and the responses to E2 and the anti-estrogens ICI or tamoxifen are highly concordant (magenta) at nearly 96% (23/24).

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