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Table 6 Two groups of plant-specific genes exhibit common expression profiles

From: Phylogenetic profiling of the Arabidopsis thalianaproteome: what proteins distinguish plants from other organisms?

Cluster 1
PP* Representative EST clone ID Locus Description
PS 111O21XP At1g19180 Expressed protein
PS 123B21T7 At1g30755 Expressed protein
PS 209F11T7 At1g63090 F-box protein (SKP1 interacting partner 3-related)
PS 181I16T7 At1g72510 Expressed protein
PS 148B19T7 At1g74950 Expressed protein
PS 40F4T7 At2g23320 Identical to WRKY DNA-binding protein 15
EBA 240G12T7 At2g31880 Putative leucine-rich repeat transmembrane protein kinase
EBA 169J16T7 At2g39660 Putative protein kinase
PS 172K21XP At3g16860 Expressed protein
PS 94C19T7 At3g25870 Expressed protein
PS 114O7T7 At4g12070 Expressed protein
PS 250F15T7 At4g19515 Similar to disease resistance protein
PS 137B1T7 At4g30390 Expressed protein
PS 122N24T7 At5g13180 NAM-like protein; hypothetical senescence upregulated protein SENU5
PS 204H15T7 At5g13200 GRAM-domain-containing protein similar to ABA-responsive protein
E 195M6T7 At5g22250 CCR4-associated factor-like protein
PS 200J12T7 At5g62520 Expressed protein
Cluster 2
PS 169C12T7 At1g05250 Putative peroxidase
PS 113H5XP At1g52050 Jacalin lectin family similar to myrosinase-binding protein homolog
EBA 121N12T7 At1g61590 Putative serine/threonine protein kinase
PS 40E4T7 At1g74770 Hypothetical protein; predicted by GenemarkHMM
B 34E12T7 At3g24670 Polysaccharide lyase family 1 (pectate lyase)
PS 122J15T7 At4g14060 Major latex protein (MLP)-related
PS 194B13T7 At4g15390 Acyltransferase family
PS 204N5XP At4g26010 Putative peroxidase
PS 144C19T7 At5g07080 Transferase family similar to 10-deacetylbaccatin III-10-O-acetyl transferase
PS 116F2T7 At5g45070 Putative disease resistance protein (TIR class)
PS 110O2T7 At5g57685 Unknown protein; predicted by GenemarkHMM
  1. Experiments were ranked according to the proportion of genes in the cluster that were differentially expressed. The most important experiments for each cluster are indicated. *PP, phylogenetic profile. Low expression in flowers compared to leaves, unstable and moderately unstable transcripts. High expression in roots as compared to a reference made of the whole plant, repressed during shoot development from root explants. PS, plant specific; EBA, Arabidopsis protein with similarity to proteins in other eukaryotes, bacteria and archaea; B, Arabidopsis protein with similarity to proteins in bacteria.