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Table 5 Plant-specific genes are preferentially expressed in organs compared with genes that are evolutionarily conserved

From: Phylogenetic profiling of the Arabidopsis thalianaproteome: what proteins distinguish plants from other organisms?

  Classification Differentially expressed Percentage of total χ2 p
Statistically significant organ-preferential expression Plant specific 600 56% 51.27 8.1e-13
  Bacteria (includes cyanobacteria) 122 67% 32.74 1.1e-08
No statistically significant difference from a random sample Eukaryotes and archaea 37 61% 4.82 2.8e-02
  Eukaryotes and bacteria 370 46% 0.22 6.4e-01
  Archaea 3 60% 0.03 8.5e-01
  Archaea and bacteria 52 49% 0.01 9.2e-01
  Common to all 15 48% 0.00 9.6e-01
Statistically significant expression everywhere Eukaryotes 112 27% 61.75 3.9e-15
  1. The first column indicates the conclusion from the statistical test. The second column indicates the phylogenetic classification of the genes analysed in each row. The number of genes from each class (for example, plant-specific) that showed organ-preferential expression is indicated in the third column. The fourth column shows the percentage of genes that showed organ-preferential expression as compared to the total number of genes represented on Arabidopsis glass-slide microarrays for each class. The χ2 statistic and the p value are presented in the fifth and sixth columns, respectively.