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Table 1 Htr1-Htr18 chemotaxis annotations

From: Comprehensive de novo structure prediction in a systems-biology context for the archaea Halobacterium sp. NRC-1

Gene name Name Sensing domain Length HAMP domain Membrane regions Method Role/responds to Annotation
htr1 VNG1659g sop1 536 35-104 12-31 Known Light Responds to light via sensory rhodopsin
htr2 VNG1765g sop2 764 283-352 13-35 Known Light Responds to light via sensory rhodopsin
htr3 VNG1856g self/? 633 125-195 125-144 Known Amino acids  
htr4 VNG0806g self/? 778 298-367 29-48, 297-319 - -  
htr5 VNG1760g ProX 810 325-394 35-57, 325-344 Known Amino acids, osmoprotectants ProX is a putative glycine betatine/choline/proline substrate-binding protein
htr6 VNG0793g yufN 545 295-365 21-43, 297-319 3D-Jury Sugars yufN is annotated as an ABC transporter and lipoprotein
META-SERVER/3D-Jury finds a strong hit to 2 gbp D-galactose/D-glucose periplasmic binding protein
htr7 VNG1759g VNG1758H 789 - 1-91 Rosetta - Weak hit to sensory rhodopsin
htr8 VNG1523g self 633 - 48-206 Known Oxygen Experimentally known to play a role in aerotaxis
htr9 VNG1395g self/? 481 - - Pfam Redox/o2/light PF0989, PAS domain
htr10 VNG1505g self/? 489 - - Rosetta PSIBLAST Oxygen Domain 1 rosetta hit to 1ljwA hemoglobin Domain 1 hit to 1or4A via PSI-BLAST (recent PDB)
htr12 VNG1442g self/ VNG1440H 420 - - Rosetta 3D-jury Pfam Redox/o2/light htr12 has amino-terminal (domain 1) hit to PF0989 (PAS domain) htr12-domain 1 also has a 3d-Jury hit to 1dp6A (FixL heme domain)
VNG1440H has a weak rosetta hit to 2occC2 (cytochrome C subunit) and predicted TM helices
htr13 VNG1013g self/? 423 - - Rosetta Peptides/? Hit to 1jwfA (Gga1, involved in protein transport)
Htr13 could be involved in response to peptides in the environment
htr14 VNG0355g self/? 627 58-129 36-58 Pfam Peptides/? Weak hits to PF01920-KE2 domain, PF02996-prefoldin
htr15 VNG0958g VNG0959H 636 - - 3D-jury Oxygen Domain 2 has 3d-jury hit to 1dp6A (FixL Heme domain)
htr16 VNG0614g self/ VNG0613H 628 129-199 130-152 Pfam Lipids/? Hit to PF01442 in domain 2 of htr16 (PF01442 is an apolipoprotein Involved in the uptake of lipids and/or cholesterol)
htr17 VNG1733g VNG1734H 536 - 1-91 - - Not applicable
htr18 VNG0812g PotD 790 257-327 - known Lipids PotD is a spermidine/putrescine binding protein