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Table 6 Comparison of the terms in cluster e found by Chaussabel and Sher [6] with those found by TXTGate (OMIM vocabulary)

From: TXTGate: profiling gene groups with text-based information

Gene symbol Cluster terms in Chaussabel and Sher [6]. Terms from TXTGate
Cluster e   
CKB Population deaminas
AMPD3 Frequency lipoprotein_lipas
ADA Allele creatin
ADORA2A Unrelated lipoprotein
ADORA3 Families krabb
P2RX Recessive epidermolysi_bullosa
P2RX1 Autosomal alagil
P2RX7 Disorder bear
GEM Severe leukodystrophi
ARHH Patient receptor
LPL Deficiency down
CD36L1   corneal_dystrophi
LDLR   deaf
BF   hdl
GALC   nucleosid
LAMB3   retinoblastoma
GJB2   junction
TGFBI   adhesion
JAG1   congenit_heart_defect
DSCR1   hear_loss
  1. The diversity of the diseases the member genes are related to makes the relevant terms display high variance, rather than high mean. The terms that were also found by Chaussabel and Sher [6] after manual investigation are marked in bold. Complete data can be found in Additional data file 2.