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Table 1 Time and performance comparison

From: ELXR: a resource for rapid exon-directed sequence analysis

Method N PT PS APT/gene
Manual 864 891 84.5% 1.50 h
ELXR 154 164 89.3% 0.18 h
  1. N indicates the number of exons and PT the number of associated primer pairs chosen and tested for PCR and sequencing for each primer-picking method. PS indicates the percentage of PCR products that resulted in high-quality sequence products and subsequent SNP detection. APT/gene indicates the average processing time per gene using each method. This table is not intended to describe the performance of Primer3 (which is used in both methods), but only to illustrate that whereas success was comparable with both methods, exon identification and primer-pair design was more than eight times faster using ELXR compared to nonautomated processing methods.