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Table 1 A summary of the families and superfamilies within Gene3D

From: Progress towards mapping the universe of protein folds

Type of family Proportion of non-singleton domains Number of superfamilies Number of close families Number of folds
Known structure (CATH) 50% 1,277 93,571 759 + 54
Superfolds (all of known structure)    71,080 54
Unknown structure (Pfam) 33% 1,832 61,722 3,871
NewFam 17%   52,973  
Total, excluding singletons:    208,266 4,684
  1. Data are from [4]; NewFam denotes uncharacterized families. Around 60,000 singletons are excluded from the analysis. See the text for how the number of folds is estimated for the domains of unknown structure.