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Table 1 Comparison of Drosophila protein-interaction maps generated by high-throughput yeast two-hybrid methods

From: A Drosophila protein-interaction map centered on cell-cycle regulators

  LexA cell-cycle map* Gal4 proteome-wide map Common
Interactions 1,814 20,439 28
Proteins 488 6,951 347
Proteins as BD fusions 106 3,616 46
Proteins as AD fusions 403 5,425 250
Proteins as AD and BD 21 2,090 8
Degree exponent 1.72 1.91 NA
Mean path length§ 3.3 4.1 NA
  1. *The LexA interactions are from this study, listed in Additional data file 3. The Gal4 interactions are from Giot et al. [6]. The chance of observing more than two common interactions between the Gal4 map and a random network with the same topological properties as the LexA map is < 10-6 (see Materials and methods). The degree exponent and mean path length are topological properties of the networks. The degree exponent is γ in the equation P(k) = k, where k is the degree or number of interactions per protein, and P(k) is the distribution of proteins with k interactions. §The mean path length is the shortest number of links between a pair of proteins, averaged over all pairs in the network.