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Table 1 Genes coding for enzymes in the two isoprenoid pathways

From: Sparse graphical Gaussian modeling of the isoprenoid gene network in Arabidopsis thaliana

Name AGI number Subcellular location
AACT1 At5g47720 C
AACT2 At5g48230 C
CMK At2g26930 P
DPPS1 At2g23410 C/ER
DPPS2 At5g58770 M
DPPS3 At5g58780 ER
DXPS1 At3g21500 P
DXPS2 At4g15560 P*
DXPS3 At5g11380 P
DXR At5g62790 P*
FPPS1 At4g17190 C
FPPS2 At5g47770 C/M*
GGPPS1 At1g49530 M*
GGPPS2 At2g18620 P
GGPPS3 At2g18640 C/ER*
GGPPS4 At2g23800 C/ER*
GGPPS5 At3g14510 M
GGPPS6 At3g14530 P
GGPPS7 At3g14550 P*
GGPPS8 At3g20160 C/ER
GGPPS9 At3g29430 M
GGPPS10 At3g32040 P
GGPPS11 At4g36810 P*
GGPPS12 At4g38460 P
GPPS At2g34630 P*
HDR At4g34350 P
HDS At5g60600 P*
HMGR1 At1g76490 C/ER*
HMGR2 At2g17370 C/ER*
HMGS At4g11820 C
IPPI1 At3g02780 P
IPPI2 At5g16440 C
MCT At2g02500 P*
MECPS At1g63970 P
MK At5g27450 C
MPDC1 At2g38700 C
MPDC2 At3g54250 C
PPDS1 At1g17050 P
PPDS2 At1g78510 P
UPPS1 At2g17570 M
  1. Subcellular locations are pooled from experimental data, the TargetP data base [36] and [22]. C, cytoplasm; ER, endoplasmic reticulum; M, mitochondrion; P, chloroplast. Experimentally verified subcellular locations are marked with an asterisk (*).