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Table 5 Matching of RescueMu genomic loci to other available databases to determine percentage of genic and repeat loci

From: Genome-wide mutagenesis of Zea mays L. using RescueMu transposons

Category Number of genomic loci
Total maize genomic loci discovered 14,265*
Number of genic loci identified by:
Maize EST/cDNA 7,555
Plant EST/cDNA 1,253
Protein database 84 (62%)
GENSCAN prediction 708
Number of genic loci (percentage of total) 9,600 (67.3%)
Number of loci matching repeats:
Retrotransposon 1,074
DNA transposon 212
MITEs 193
Centromere-related repeats 57
Telomere-related repeats 3
Unknown repeats 221
Other repeats 8
45S ribosomal DNA (18S + 28S) 23
5S ribosomal DNA 10
Transfer DNA 25
Number of repeat loci (percentage of total) 1,113 (8%)
  1. *The 14,887 unique loci were collapsed into 14,265 unique loci by linking forward/reverse sequence pairs. This provides a more conservative estimate, but in some cases may have incorrectly combined separate loci. Numbers are cumulative: that is, GSSs were first matched to maize EST/cDNAs, then the unmatched GSSs were screened against other plant EST/cDNAs, and so on. Numbers are not cumulative: that is, some loci could match to both retrotransposon and DNA transposon sequences.