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Table 5 Potential miRNA targets of ecdysone induction

From: MicroRNA targets in Drosophila

Gene name Gene identifier MiRNA
Amon CG6438 miR-2a
Aop CG3166 miR-7 §
Bon CG5206 miR-iab-4-5p
Br CG11491-RA miR-14
  CG11491-RB&RC miR-9, miR-14, miR-210
  CG11491-RD let-7, miR-9
  CG11491-RE&RG miR-9, miR-210
  CG11491-RF miR-316
Crol CG14938 miR-210§, miR-79
Cyp314a1 CG13478 miR-308
Eh CG5400 miR-279
EcR CG1765 miR-14 §
Eip71CD CG7266 miR-34
Eip74EF CG32180 miR-306
Eip93F CG18389 miR-14, miR-286
Fkh CG10002 miR-281
Hr38 CG1864 miR-308
Hr46 CG33183* miR-1,miR-9a, miR-9c, miR-11§, miR-124, miR-318
Hr96 CG11783 miR-92a §
Msn CG16973  
Pcs CG7761 miR-308
Rab6 CG6601 miR-317
Rpr CG4319 miR-13a, miR-13b, miR-2a, miR-2b, miR-2c
Rep2 CG1975 miR-210
Slpr CG2272 miR-3
W CG5123 bantam §
Woc CG5965 miR-100
  1. *,†Target gene based on the top 20 and top 30 hits of each miRNA, respectively; all others based on top ten hits. The gene br has seven splice variants RA to RG, five of which have unique UTRs. § Target site also conserved in A. gambiae.