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Table 4 Potential miRNA targets of Hox cluster genes and their regulators

From: MicroRNA targets in Drosophila

Gene name Genes identifier MiRNA
Abd-A CG10325* miR-263a
Abd-B CG11648 miR-3,miR-5, miR-306
Antp CG1028* miR-304
Ftz CG2047 miR-125
Hth CG17117 miR-276a, miR-265b, miR-279, miR-287
Pc CG32443 miR-100, miR-313
Scr CG1030 bantam, miR-10, miR-125, miR-315, miR-275
Trr CG3848* miR-124
Trx CG8651 miR-283, miR-307
Ubx CG10388 miR-280, miR-315, miR-316*, miR-317*
  1. *Target gene based on top 20 hits of each miRNA; all others are based on top ten hits. Target site also conserved in A. gambiae.