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Table 2 Chromosomal location and interarm homology of K+ channel genes

From: Comparison of K+-channel genes within the genomes of Anopheles gambiae and Drosophila melanogaster

  Drosophila Anopheles*
Kv1 Shaker X:16F X:3D
Kv2 Shab 3L:63A 2L:23
Kv3 Shaw 2L:24C 3R:29 (x3)
  2L:30A8 3R:29 (x3)
Kv4 Shal 3L:76B 2L:26
KQT 1 2R:46F 2L:25
KQT 2 - 3L:41
Slowpoke 3R:96 A 2R:16
Slack 2R:47 A 2L:28D
SK X:4F 3L:38C
Eag X:13A 2R:13E
Erg (seizure) 2R:60B5 2L:28D
Elk 2R:55A1 2L:21F
Hyperkinetic X:9B 3R:37
Irk1 3R:94E 2R:7A
Irk2 3R:95A 2R:7A (x3)
Irk3 2L:37A 3R:29A (x2)
  1. The locations of the different K+-channel genes are shown for Anopheles gambiae and Drosophila melanogaster. Bold type is used for those cases in which inter arm homology is conserved for the orthologs. *The Anopheles chromosomal maps are still in their early stages of annotation, making designations more general (estimated) than for Drosophila.