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Table 5 Functional categories for the (Q+N)-rich domains for budding yeast fruit, fly and human

From: A method to assess compositional bias in biological sequences and its application to prion-like glutamine/asparagine-rich domains in eukaryotic proteomes

Organism GO ontology Five most frequent category annotations*
Budding yeast Component Nucleus GO:0005634 (23), Cytoplasm GO:0005737 (16), cellular_component_unknown GO:0008372 (14), Plasma_membrane GO:0005886 (9), actin_cortical_path GO:0005857 (8), nuclear pore GO:0005643 (6)
  Function Molecular_function_unknown GO:0005554 (59), transcription_factor GO:0003700 (19), cytoskeletal_adaptor GO:0008093 (7), general transcriptional repressor GO:0016565 (6), general_RNA_polymerase_II_transcription_factor GO:0016251 (6), structural molecule GO:0005198 (6)
  Process Biological_process_unknown GO:0000004 (52), endocytosis GO:0006897 (10), pseudohyphal_growth GO:0007124 (9), transcription GO:0006350 (9), nuclear pore organization GO:0006999 (8), protein amino acid phosphorylation GO:0006468 (7), regulation of cell cycle GO:0000074 (7)
Fly Component Nucleus GO:0005634 (157), TFIID_complex GO:0005669 (13), plasma_membrane GO:0005886 (19), cytoplasm GO:0005737 (23), microtubule_associated_protein GO:0005875 (9)
  Function RNA_polymerase_II_transcription_factor GO:0003702 (52), transcription_factor GO:0003700 (39), specific_RNA_polymerase_II_transcription_factor GO:0003704 (36), RNA binding GO:0003723 (30), general RNA polymerase II transcription factor GO:0016251 (17)
  Process Notch receptor signaling pathway GO:0007219 (18), protein amino acid phosphorylation GO:0006468 (18), transcription initiation GO:0006367 (13), gene silencing GO:0016458 (9), neuroblast determination GO:0004725 (9)
Human Component Nucleus GO:0005634 (52), integral membrane protein GO:0016021 (9), extracellular space GO:0005615 (9), plasma membrane GO:0005887 (7), cytoskeleton GO:0005856 (7).
  Function Transcription_factor GO:0003700 (22), GO:0003677 DNA binding (20), calcium ion binding GO:0005509 (11), ATP binding GO:0005524 (10), transcription coactivator GO:0003713 (10)
  Process Regulation of transcription GO:0006355 (34), signal transduction GO:0007165 (15), protein amino acid phosphorylation GO:0006468 (7), transcription from PolII promoter GO:0006366 (7), oncogenesis GO:0005198 (7)
  1. *A description of each GO category is followed by the number in the ontology and the total number of such designations found, in brackets.