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Table 2 A comparison of different alternative splicing databases and tools

From: ProSplicer: a database of putative alternative splicing information derived from protein, mRNA and expressed sequence tag sequence data

   Types of sequence supported     
  Referenced sequence Protein mRNA ESTs Statistics Alignment tool Literature search Organisms
SpliceNest Genomic sequence   Yes Yes 90,000 EST clusters REPuter [23]   Human and Arabidopsis
PALS db (Release 2) Message RNA   Yes Yes 19,936 (human) BLAST   Human and mouse
      16,615 (mouse)    
      UniGene clusters    
SpliceDB Genomic sequence   Yes Yes 43,337 splice site pairs BLAST Yes Mammalian
AsMmDB (version 1.0) Genomic sequence   Yes Yes 1,563 alternative splicing genes FASTA Yes Human, mouse and rat
ASDB (version 2.1)   Yes    1,922 proteins   Yes  
HASDB Genomic sequence   Yes Yes 6,201 UniGene clusters BLAST   Human
BLAT server User-submitted sequence Yes Yes Yes   BLAT   Human and mouse
ProSplicer Genomic sequence Yes Yes Yes 21,786 genes BLAST (protein) SIM4 (mRNA and ESTs)   Human