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Table 2 Examples of sequence misassignment errors

From: Genome-wide detection of segmental duplications and potential assembly errors in the human genome sequence

Clone* Location Size of region involved (bp) e-PCR results
AC121339 3q13.13 193,190 chrX
AC016003 17q21.31 181,582 chr9
AC119723 3q22.1 159,924 chr6
AC093007 3q12.1 169,882 chr6
AC110578 8p23.2 160,554 chr15
AC108862 11p15.3 156,150 chr18
AC113009 8q23.1 155,171 chr11
AC104765 8q12.1 150,029 chr18
AC105412 2p13.1 144,924 chr5
AC092744 12p12.3 144,009 chr4
AC099061 1p21.3 140,516 chr15
AC108735 3p24.3 136,005 chr16
AC122689 3q23 120,057 chr12
AC017027 1q32.1 116,265 chr5
AC013530 3q26.1 99,768 chr8
AC115093 11p15.4 98,715 chr1
AC112921 Xp22.22 96,272 chr3
AC108094 16q21 94,953 chr17
AC079186 8q12.1 78,771 chr7
AC024573 Unmapped 56,016 chr2
AC115093 11p15.4 53,858 chr1
  1. **A full list can be obtained from [12]. See Figure 2 for e-PCR results supporting sequence misassignment.