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Table 1 Log-likelihood analysis of possible placements of selected branches of maximum likelihood trees for the proteins analyzed

From: The rhomboids: a nearly ubiquitous family of intramembrane serine proteases that probably evolved by multiple ancient horizontal gene transfers

Tree* Diff lnL SE RELL-BP§
Original tree 0.0 - 0.9702
A → B -18.9 10.2 0.0264
B → A -46.6 14.6 0.0003
A → C -30.3 12.8 0.0031
A → D -47.9 15.6 0.0000
  1. *A-D, clades that were subjected to local rearrangements in the tree as indicated in Figure 2 and discussed in the text. Difference of the log-likelihoods relative to the best tree. Standard error of Diff lnL. §Bootstrap probability of the given tree calculated using the RELL method (resampling of estimated log-likelihoods).