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Table 1 Correlation coefficients calculated for all SAGE tags and for tags present at less than 100 times in total in both libraries examined

From: MicroSAGE is highly representative and reproducible but reveals major differences in gene expression among samples obtained from similar tissues

Comparisons made Type of control Correlation coefficient (all tags) Correlation coefficient (tags present <100 times only)
ONL1 vs ONL2 Sampling 0.976 0.819
P2.5A vs P2.5B Library construction from ditag stage 0.938 0.804
Crx+/+A vs Crx+/+B Library construction from mRNA stage 0.939 0.824
41-year-old vs 44-year-old Individual/environmental variation 0.673 0.580
44-year-old vs 88-year-old Individual variation/age- and sex-dependent gene expression 0.760 0.628
P6.5A vs P6.5B Library construction from tissue preparation stage/individual variation 0.661 0.578
Hypothalamus A vs hypothalamus B Environmental/individual variation 0.782 0.500
Adult retina A vs hypothalamus A Tissue-specific gene expression 0.763 0.349
Adult retina B vs 3T3 cells Tissue-specific gene expression 0.479 0.182