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Figure 2

From: Expression profiling of the schizont and trophozoite stages of Plasmodium falciparumwith a long-oligonucleotide microarray

Figure 2

Example of sequence parameters measured by ArrayOligoSelector for a putative member of the var gene family (PlasmoDB v4.0 annotated gene ID PF08_0140). A schematic of the target gene is shown above plots for each filter indicating the positions of four Duffy binding-like domains (DBL) and a putative transmembrane domain (TM). For each filter, a 70 bp window was measured for all possible positions within the gene. The dashed line represents the average value obtained for each filter where 6,000 random 70 bp sequences were chosen from the total collection of P. falciparum predicted ORFs. The black circle denotes the position of the final candidate oligonucleotide (oligo ID F44871_2) chosen for the array.

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