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Table 1 Selected database content statistics for the MGI information resource

From: Integrating computationally assembled mouse transcript sequences with the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) database

Category Number
References 74,845
Genetic markers 51,398
Genes 31,708
Genetic markers mapped 41,342
Genes mapped 22,645
Curated mouse/human orthologs 7,566
Genes with molecular probes and segments data 25,672
Number of genetic markers with molecular polymorphisms 12,718
Number of genes with molecular polymorphisms 3,599
MGI markers with GenBank sequence associations 29,144
Genes with SwissProt-TrEMBL protein sequences 13,633
  1. The database content of MGI is updated daily. The current database content statistics can be found at the MGI FTP site (MGI Data and Statistical Reports). MGI contains information on genetic markers (such as sequence-tagged site (STS) markers), genes and other genomic features.