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Table 3 Meiosis-specific S. cerevisiae genes with orthologs in C. glabrata

From: Evidence from comparative genomics for a complete sexual cycle in the 'asexual' pathogenic yeast Candida glabrata

Gene Function
IME1 Master regulatory switch of meiosis
MCK1 Kinase required for maximal IME1 expression
RIM9 Stimulates expression of IME1
IME2 Kinase, stimulates meiotic gene expression
UME6 Transcriptional regulator of meiotic genes
RIM4 Activation of sporulation-specific genes
IDS2 Ime2-dependent signaling protein
MUM2 Required for premeiotic DNA synthesis and sporulation
HOP2 Prevents nonhomologous synapsis in meiosis
MSH4 Meiosis-specific MutS homolog, recombination
SPO1 Required for spindle body duplication
SPO22 Required for meiotic chromosome segregation
CSM1 Required for meiotic chromosome segregation
CSM3 Required for meiotic chromosome segregation
SMK1 Sporulation-specific MAP kinase
DIT1 Dityrosine biosynthesis enzyme
SPO75 Required for spore and ascus formation
SMA2 Required for proper prospore membrane formation
SPS2* Putative prospore membrane protein
  1. *We are not certain whether plasmid CG4206 contains an ortholog of SPS2 or the similar gene YCL048W, but we have included it in the table because both SPS2 and YCL048W encode prospore membrane proteins induced during sporulation [70].