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Table 2 Mating-specific S. cerevisiae genes with orthologs in C. glabrata

From: Evidence from comparative genomics for a complete sexual cycle in the 'asexual' pathogenic yeast Candida glabrata

Gene Function
MFALPHA2 Mating pheromone α-factor
STE13 Peptidase, α-factor processing
STE6 Exporter of a-factor
FIG4 Lipid phosphatase, pheromone induced
FAR1 Inhibitor of Cdc28-Cln1/2 kinase complexes
CDC24 GTP-GDP exchange factor for Cdc42
SGV1 Kinase, pheromone adaptation
AKR1 Negative regulator in the pheromone response pathway
FUS3 Kinase, activates Ste12 and Far1
KAR5 Required for nuclear membrane fusion during karyogamy
LSG1 Required for normal morphology, mating and sporulation
OPY2 Overproduction causes insensitivity to α-factor arrest
SAG1 α-Agglutinin