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Table 1 Summary of the functional features of Sp1-like/KLF family members

From: Sp1- and Krüppel-like transcription factors

Protein* KLF number Species Chromosomal localization Transcriptional activity (and functional domains) Expression pattern Interacting coactivatorand/or corepressor Cellular functions
Sp1 - Human, mouse, rat and Drosophila 12q13 Activator (Q-rich domains) Ubiquitous CRSP, p300/CBP, TAFII130 Embryogenesis
Sp2 - Human, mouse and rat 17q21 Unknown (Q-rich domain)   Unknown Unknown
Sp3 - Human, mouse and rat 2q31 Activator and/or repressor (Q-rich domains) Ubiquitous Unknown Unknown
Sp4 - Human, mouse and rat 7p15 Activator (Q-rich domains) Brain-enriched Unknown Post-natal survival and male fertility
mSp5 - Mouse   Unknown Ubiquitous Unknown Unknown
Sp6 KLF14 Human and mouse 17q21 Activator Ubiquitous Unknown Unknown
EKLF KLF1 Human and mouse 19p13 Activator (acidic domain) Erythroid and mast cells p300/CBP, PCAF, SWI/SNF and mSin3A Erythropoiesis
LKLF KLF2 Human and mouse 19p13 Activator (acidic domain) Lung, blood vessels, lymphocytes Unknown Blood vessel, lung development, T-cell survival
BKLF KLF3 Human, mouse and rat 4p14 Activator/repressor (PVDLS/T motif) Erythroid tissue- and brain-enriched CtBP2 Unknown
GKLF KLF4 Human, mouse, rat and zebrafish 9q31 Activator and/or repressor (acidic domain) Gut-enriched p300/CBP Anti-proliferation, survival
IKLF KLF5 Human, mouse and rat 13q21 Activator Gut and epithelial tissues Unknown Cell growth
CPBP KLF6 Human and mouse 10p15 Activator Ubiquitous Unknown Putative tumor suppressor
UKLF KLF7 Human and mouse 2q32 Activator (acidic domain) Ubiquitous Unknown Cell-cycle arrest
BKLF3 KLF8 Human Xp11 Repressor (PVDLS/T motif) Ubiquitous CtBP2 Unknown
BTEB1 KLF9 Human, mouse and rat 9q13 Activator/repressor (SID) Ubiquitous mSin3A Neurite outgrowth and carcinogen metabolism
TIEG1 KLF10 Human 8q22 Repressor (SID, R2, R3) Ubiquitous mSin3A Apoptosis, anti-proliferation
TIEG2/FKLF KLF11 Human 2p25 Activator and/or repressor (SID, R2, R3) Ubiquitous mSin3A Anti-proliferation
AP-2rep KLF12 Human, mouse, rat and zebrafish 13q21 Repressor (PVDLS/T motif) Brain, kidney, liver and lung CtBP1 Unknown
BTEB3/RFLAT-1/FKLF-2 KLF13 Human, mouse and rat 15q12 Activator/repressor (SID, R2 and R3) Ubiquitous mSin3A, p300/CBP and PCAF Anti-proliferation and carcinogen metabolism
KKLF KLF15 Human, mouse and rat 3q13 Repressor Ubiquitous Unknown Unknown
BTEB4/mDRRF KLF16 Human and mouse 19q13 Repressor (SID) Ubiquitous mSin3A Carcinogen metabolism
BTEB5 - Human 7 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
  1. *Original name with which the protein was first published. Chromosomal localization data refer to the human genes and have been obtained from the human genome database of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) [57].