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Table 1 DNA sequences bound by glucose-regulated transcription factors

From: Multi-level response of the yeast genome to glucose

Transcription factor Binding site* Main function References
Cat8 YCCRTYSRNCCG Activator of gluconeogenic genes [27]
Sip4 YCCRTYSRNCCG Activator of gluconeogenic genes [28]
Mig1/Mig2 T(C/G)(C/T)GGGG Repressors of SUC, MAL and GAL genes [29]
Gcr1 CTTCC Activator of glycolytic genes [30]
Rgt1 CGGANNA Regulator of HXT gene expression [31]
Nrg1/Nrg2 Not determined Repressors of SUC, GAL and FLO11 genes, interact with Snf1 [3234]
Azf1 AAGAAAAA Induction of CLN3 gene expression [23]
Msn2/Msn4 CCCCT Induction of STRE-regulated genes [20]
Gis1 T(T/A)AGGGAT Activator of post-diauxic shift (PDS) genes [21]
Pop2-Ccr4-Not Not determined Global transcriptional regulator of growth-, metabolism- and stationary phase related proteins [35]
  1. *Within DNA sequences, Y denotes a pyrimidine and R a purine. Abbreviation: STRE, stress-response element.