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Table 3 List of proteins in the E. coli protein translation operons

From: Microarray analysis of orthologous genes: conservation of the translational machinery across species at the sequence and expression level

Operon name Eco ORF Yeast COG ID Function ORF description
tRNA synthetase and peptidase b0026 Yes* COG0060 J2 Isoleucine tRNA synthetase
tRNA synthetase and peptidase b0027 No COG0597 N Prolipoprotein signal peptidase
tRNA synthetase and peptidase b0028 No COG1047 O Probable FKBX-type 16kD peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
rRNA modification and chaperone b0049 Yes* COG0639 T Diadenosine tetraphosphatase
rRNA modification and chaperone b0050 No COG2967 P Uncharacterized protein affecting Mg2+/Co2+ transport
rRNA modification and chaperone b0051 Yes** COG0030 J 6-m-2-A methyltransferase; put. 16S rRNA methyltransferase
rRNA modification and chaperone b0052 No COG1995 H9 Pyridoxine and pyridoxal phosphate biosynthesis
rRNA modification and chaperone b0053 Yes COG0760 O Peptidyl prolyl isomerase
Ribosomal protein 1 b0169 Yes** COG0052 J3 Ribosomal protein S2
Ribosomal protein 1 b0170 No COG0264 J1 Translation elongation factor EF-Ts
Ribosomal protein 1 b0171 No COG0528 F3 Uridylate kinase
Ribosomal protein 1 b0172 Yes* COG0233 J1 Ribosome releasing factor operon?
tRNA modification and protein export b0405 No COG0809 J S-adenosylmethionine:tRNA ribosyltransferase-isomerase
tRNA modification and protein export b0406 No COG0343 J Queuine tRNA-ribosyltransferase
tRNA modification and protein export b0407 No COG1862 N ORF, hypothetical protein
tRNA modification and protein export b0408 No COG0342 N Protein-export membrane protein SecD
tRNA modification and protein export b0409 No COG0341 N Protein-export membrane protein SecF
Ribosomal protein 2 b0910 No COG0283 F3 Cytidine monophosphate kinase
Ribosomal protein 2 b0911 Yes* COG0539 J3 Ribosomal protein S1
Ribosomal protein 3 b1088 No COG1399 R Predicted metal-binding, possibly nucleic acid-binding protein
Ribosomal protein 3 b1089 Yes COG0333 J4 Ribosomal protein L32
tRNA synthetase and oxidase b1637 Yes* COG0162 J2 Transfer RNA-Tyr synthetase
tRNA synthetase and oxidase b1638 Yes COG0259 H9 Pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase
Phenylalanine tRNA synthetase b1713 Yes COG0073 R Phenylalanine tRNA synthetase, beta subunit
Phenylalanine tRNA synthetase b1714 Yes* COG0016 J2 Phenylalanine tRNA synthetase, alpha subunit
Ribosomal protein 4 b2606 Yes* COG0335 J4 Ribosomal protein L19
Ribosomal protein 4 b2607 No COG0336 J tRNA (m1G) methyltransferae
Ribosomal protein 4 b2608 No COG0806 J ORF, hypothetical protein
Ribosomal protein 4 b2609 Yes COG0228 J3 Ribosomal protein S16
Ribosomal protein 5 b3065 No COG0828 J3 Ribosomal protein S21
Ribosomal protein 5 b3066 No COG0358 L1 DNA primase
Ribosomal protein 5 b3067 No COG0568 K1 RNA polymerase sigma-subunit
Ribosomal protein 6 b3164 No COG1185 J Polynucleotide phosphorilase
Ribosomal protein 6 b3165 Yes** COG0184 J3 Ribosomal protein S15
RNA modification b3166 Yes* COG0130 J tRNA pseudouridine 55 synthase; P35
RNA modification b3167 No COG0858 J Ribosome-binding factor A; P15B
Transcription and translation b3168 Yes COG0532 J1 Initiation factor IF2-alpha (infB)
Transcription and translation b3169 No COG0195 K2 NusA protein
Transcription and translation b3170 No COG0779 S Hypothetical 16.8 kD protein
Ribosomal protein 7 b3185 Yes* COG0211 J4 Ribosomal protein L27
Ribosomal protein 7 b3186 No COG0261 J4 Ribosomal protein L21
Ribosomal protein 8 b3230 Yes** COG0103 J3 30S ribosomal protein S9
Ribosomal protein 8 b3231 Yes** COG0102 J4 50S ribosomal protein L13
Ribosomal protein 9 b3258 Yes* COG0591 EHR Pantothenate permease
Ribosomal protein 9 b3259 No COG2264 J Ribosomal protein L11 methyltransferase
tRNA modification b3287 No COG0242 J1 N-formylmethionylaminoacyl-tRNA deformylase
tRNA modification b3288 Yes COG0223 J1 Methionyl-tRNA formyltransferase
tRNA modification b3289 Yes** COG0144 J Sun protein (Fmu protein)
Ribosomal protein 10 b3294 Yes* COG0203 J4 50S ribosomal protein L17
Ribosomal protein 10 b3295 Yes** COG0202 K1 RNA polymerase, alpha subunit
Ribosomal protein 10 b3296 Yes** COG0522 J3 30S ribosomal protein S4
Ribosomal protein 10 b3297 Yes** COG0100 J3 30S ribosomal protein Sll
Ribosomal protein 10 b3298 Yes** COG0099 J3 30S ribosomal protein S13
Ribosomal protein 11 b3299 Yes COG0257 J4 50S ribosomal protein X
Ribosomal protein 11 b3300 No - - (secY) membrane protein, protein secretion
Ribosomal protein 11 b3301 Yes** COG0200 J4 50S ribosomal protein L15
Ribosomal protein 11 b3302 Yes** COG1841 J4 50S ribosomal protein L30
Ribosomal protein 11 b3303 Yes** COG0098 J3 30S ribosomal protein S5
Ribosomal protein 11 b3304 Yes** COG0256 J4 50S ribosomal protein L18
Ribosomal protein 11 b3305 Yes** COG0097 J4 50S ribosomal protein L6
Ribosomal protein 11 b3306 Yes** COG0096 J3 30S ribosomal protein S8
Ribosomal protein 11 b3307 Yes** COG0199 J3 30S ribosomal protein S14
Ribosomal protein 11 b3308 Yes** COG0094 J4 50S ribosomal protein L5
Ribosomal protein 11 b3309 Yes** COG0198 J4 50S ribosomal protein L24
Ribosomal protein 11 b3310 Yes** COG0093 J4 50S ribosomal protein L14
Ribosomal protein 12 b3311 Yes** COG0186 J3 30S ribosomal protein S17
Ribosomal protein 12 b3312 Yes** COG0255 J4 50S ribosomal protein L29
Ribosomal protein 12 b3313 Yes** COG0197 J4 50S ribosomal protein L16
Ribosomal protein 12 b3314 Yes** COG0092 J3 30S ribosomal protein S3
Ribosomal protein 12 b3315 Yes** COG0091 J4 50S ribosomal protein L22
Ribosomal protein 12 b3316 Yes** COG0185 J3 50S ribosomal protein S19
Ribosomal protein 12 b3317 Yes** COG0090 J4 50S ribosomal protein L2
Ribosomal protein 12 b3318 Yes** COG0089 J4 50S ribosomal protein L23
Ribosomal protein 12 b3319 Yes** COG0088 J4 50S ribosomal protein L4
Ribosomal protein 12 b3320 Yes** COG0087 J4 50S ribosomal protein L3
Ribosomal protein 12 b3321 Yes** COG0051 J3 30S ribosomal protein S10
Ribosomal protein 13 b3339 Yes** COG0050 J1 Protein chain elongation factor EF-Tu
Ribosomal protein 13 b3340 Yes** COG0480 J1 Protein chain elongation factor EF-G
Ribosomal protein 13 b3341 Yes** COG0049 J3 30S ribosomal protein S7
Ribosomal protein 13 b3342 Yes** COG0048 J3 30S ribosomal protein S12
Dam superoperon b3384 Yes* COG0180 J2 Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase
Dam superoperon b3385 Yes COG0546 R 2-phosphoglycolate phosphatase
Dam superoperon b3386 Yes COG0036 G3 D-ribulose-5-phosphate epimerase
Dam superoperon b3387 No COG0338 L Adenine methylase
Dam superoperon b3388 No COG3266 S Putative membrane protein; interferes with cell division
Dam superoperon b3389 Yes COG0337 H7 3-dehydroquinate synthase
Dam superoperon b3390m Yes COG0703 H7 Shikimic acid kinase I
Glycine trna synthetase b3559 No COG0751 J2 Glycine tRNA synthetase, beta chain
Glycine trna synthetase b3560 No COG0752 J2 Glycine tRNA synthetase, alpha chain
Ribonuclease and pyrimidine biosynthesis b3642 Yes** COG0461 F3 Orotate phosphoribosyltransferase
Ribonuclease and pyrimidine biosynthesis b3643 Yes** COG0689 J Ribonuclease PH
Ribosomal protein 14 b3703 Yes COG0230 J4 Ribosomal protein L34
Ribosomal protein 14 b3704 No COG0594 J Ribonuclease P protein component
Protein export and transcription b3981 No COG0690 N Preprotein translocase secE subunit
Protein export and transcription b3982 Yes* COG0250 K2 Transcription antitermination
Ribosomal protein 15 b3983 Yes** COG0080 J4 50S ribosomal protein Lll
Ribosomal protein 15 b3984 Yes** COG0081 J4 50S ribosomal protein Ll
Ribosomal protein 16 b3985 Yes** COG0244 J4 50S ribosomal protein L10
Ribosomal protein 16 b3986 Yes COG0222 J4 50S ribosomal protein L7/L12
Ribosomal protein 16 b3987 Yes* COG0085 K1 DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta chain
Ribosomal protein 16 b3988 Yes* COG0086 K1 DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta' chain
Ribosomal protein 17 b4200 Yes* COG0360 J3 30S ribosomal protein S6
Ribosomal protein 17 b4201 No COG2965 L Primosomal replication protein N
Ribosomal protein 17 b4202 Yes COG0238 J3 30S ribosomal protein S18
Ribosomal protein 17 b4203 Yes COG0359 J4 SOS ribosomal protein L9
  1. The Yeast column indicates whether or not there is a yeast homolog of the bacterial gene (Yeast). The notation is as follows: No (genes lacking a yeast homolog), Yes (genes with a yeast homolog that was not present in the microarray data), Yes* (genes with a yeast homolog that, although present in the microarray data, were not part of the 'cytoplasmic translation' cluster) and Yes** (genes with a yeast homolog that are found in the cluster)