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Table 2 ETS-domain genes' location and related CSEs

From: Computational comparison of two mouse draft genomes and the human golden path

Human genome location Human gene Related CSEs Mouse gene
chr1:210860086-210860134 ELK4 Chr1c_0005362 Sap1a
chr1:156788585-156790244 ETV3/PEP1 Chr1c_0104026 Pe1
chr1:156753621-156753914 ENST00000239810* Chr1c_0104167 -
chr2:218742679-218742727 FEV Chr2c_0009719 mPet-1
chr6:46207850-46207898 TEL2 - -
chr7:6597152-6597200 ETV1 Chr7c_0058663 Etv-1/Er81
chr7:64780186-64780234 ENS00000297422* Chr7c_0032792 Gabp
chr11:134075280-134075328 ETS1 Chr11c_0058817 Ets-1
chr11:133727180-133727228 FLI1 Chr11c_0058489 Fli-1
chr11:34407740-34407788 - - -
chr12:12284048-12284096 ETV6 Chr12c_0058396 ETV6/Tel
chr12:12396310-12396358 C12000289 Chr12c_0058397 -
chr12:97911097-97911145 ELK3 Chr12c_0031833 Elk-3
chr12:104562931-104562979 ENST00000299272* Chr12c_0038845 Spi-C
chr19:51415380-51415428 ETV2/ER71 Chr19c_0149961 Etsrp71
chr19:67794768-67794816 SPIB Chr19c_0199661 Spi-B
chr19:58654497-58654933 ERF Chr19c_0189501 Erf
chr19:58976760-58977199 ENST00000270081* Chr19c_0189538 -
chr21:36771224-36771272 ETS2 Chr21c_0005326 Ets-2
chr21:23715872-23720136 GABPA Chr21c_0000791 Gabp
chr21:36332246-36332294 ERG Chr21c_0005320 Erg
chrX:45072030-45072078 ELK1 chrXc_0011713 Elk-1
  1. *Predicted gene in Ensembl database [11]. Gene predicted by FGENESH [21].