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Table 5 Subset of 217 candidates for overlapping transcription previously described in the literature

From: Computational discovery of sense-antisense transcription in the human and mouse genomes

Candidate Sense gene Antisense gene or homolog
Hs.325978 IL18BP NUMA1
Hs.330310 KIAA0632 G10
Hs.283473 PRO2900 HDLBP
Hs.22116 CDC14B HAPB4
Hs.279937 KIAA1001 FLJ10055
Hs.301947 SERHL CGI-96
Hs.172851 ARG2 VTI2
Hs.276916 NR1D1 THRA
Hs.283061 PRO1438 LRMP
  1. The set of 217 candidate mouse and human UniGene clusters was checked against examples from the literature (Table 1) and recently described cis-NATs [14,33]. This table lists ten candidates that have been previously described.