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Table 1 Genetic, cellular and functional information on Arabidopsis 14-3-3s

From: The 14-3-3s

Gene name Isoform Locus* Cellular localization Tissue distribution Gene accession number [37]
GRF1 Chi (χ) At4g09000 N Pollen, stigma papillar cells U09377
GRF2 Omega (ω) At1g78300 ? ? U09376
GRF3 Psi (ψ) At5g38480 ? Stems, leaves, flowers U09375
GRF4 Phi ( ) At1g35160 Nm, Pm, Ct ? AF001414
GRF5 Upsilon (υ) At5g16050 Nm, Pm, Ct ? AF001415
GRF6 Lambda (λ) At5g10450 N, Pm, Ct Stems, leaves, flowers AF145298
GRF7 Nu (ν) At3g02520 Nm, Pm, Ct ? AF145299
GRF8 Kappa (κ) At5g65430 N, Pm/Cw, Ct ? AF145300
GRF9 Mu (μ) At2g42590 Sg Leaves AF145301
GRF10 Epsilon (ε) At1g22300 Ne, Pm, Ct, Sg Leaves AF145302
GRF11 Omicron (o) At1g34760 ? Stems, roots, flowers AF323920
GRF12 Iota (ι) At1g26480 ? Flowers AF335544
GRF13 Pi (π) At1g78220 ? ? AAF18556.1
  1. *The number after 'At' N, nucleus; Nm, nuclear membrane; Pm, plasma membrane; Ct, cytoplasm; Cw, cell wall; denotes the chromosome. Sg, leaf starch grain; Ne, nuclear envelope [7,14,30]. For further information on 14-3-3s, please see the Ferl lab website [38].