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Table 2 Conventional and novel motif signatures used to identify RING domains in this study

From: Evaluation and classification of RING-finger domains encoded by the Arabidopsis genome

InterPro, RING-HC C3HC4 long: C-X2-C-X9,39-C-X1,3-H-X2,3-C-X2-C-X4,48-C-X2-C and short: C-X-H-X-[LIVMFY]-C-X2-C-[LIVMYA]
InterPro, RING-HC C3H2C3 long: C-X2-C-X9,39-C-X1,3-H-X2,3-H-X2-C-X4,48-C-X2-C and short: C-X-H-X-[LIVMFY]-H-X2-C-[LIVMYA]
Stringent 1 [CT]-X2-C-X9,39-[CT]-X1,3-H-X2,3-[CH]-X2-C-X2,46-[KRCHDESTQNGPLVIMA]-X-C-X2-[CD]
Stringent 2 [CT]-X2-C-X9,39-[CT]-X1,3-H-X1,2-[WFYLVIMAST]-[CH]-X2-C-[WFYLVIMAST]-X1,45-[KRCHDESTQNGPLVIMA]-X-C-X2-[CD]
Stringent 3 [CT]-X2-C-X9,39-[CT]-X1,3-H-X1,2-[WFYLVIMAST]-[CH]-X2-C-[WFYLVIMA]-X1,45-[KRCHDESTQNGPLVIMA]-X-C-X2-[CD]
Stringent 4 [CT]-X2-C-X9,39-[CT]-X1,3-H-X1,2-[WFYLVIMAST]-[CH]-X2-C-[WFYLVIMA]-X1,45-[KRCHDESTQNGP]-X-C-X2-[CD]
  1. Domain signatures used to identify RING domains in the Arabidopsis proteome. The signatures used by the InterPro package as well as the novel patterns defined by us (Stringent 1-Stringent 4) on the basis of recent structural results are given. Metal ligands are in bold. For details see text.