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Table 1 Maize proteins with no obvious homologs in Arabidopsis

From: Comparative genomics of Arabidopsisand maize: prospects and limitations

Protein GenBank accession number Function
BETL(2-4) CAB4466(2-4) Anti-microbial, endosperm
Ribosome-inactivating proteins S11859, CAC16167, P10593, T03942 Anti-microbial, anti-fungal
Female gametophyte-specific protein ES3 AAK08134 Defensin
Basal layer anti-fungal peptides CAC21604, CAC21605, CAC21607  
Trypsin inhibitor TIZM, TIZM1, S36236 Anti-insect
RAB-17 S08633 Vesicle traffic
FDR3 AAK53546 Iron stress
ZmGR2(b,c) BAA7480(6,7) Gibberellin-responsive
Aluminum-induced proteins AAB86493, T01322  
ABA- and ripening-inducible-like protein T02081  
Bundle-sheath cell specific protein 1 BAB20906 C4 photosynthesis
Peroxidase K AAC79955  
Phytase T04130 Degradation of phytic acid, the main phosphor storage in maize seeds
ESR1c1 CAA67122 Endosperm-specific
Teosinte-branched protein 1 AAK30124 Associated with maize domestication (specific alleles)
Globulin 1O C53234 Storage
Ae(1,3) CAB5655(2,3) Amylase extender; modification of kernel starch composition
Arabinogalactan protein AAF43497 Cell-wall component
Probable membrane protein DAD1 T01578  
  1. The maize proteins were compared against the Arabidopsis protein set using BLASTP (see text for details). Maize query sequences are listed that did not match any Arabidopsis sequences at the 1e-5 level. Not listed: zeins, some sequences of highly biased composition and putative maize-specific proteins. Brackets () are used to show related entries; for example, BETL2 has GenBank accession number CAB44662, and BETL3 CAB44663.