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Table 2 SNPs of the PKC gene module

From: Molecular genetics and structural genomics of the human protein kinase C gene module

PKC cDNA Protein  
  Position GenBank accession Position Protein accession Codon position RefSNP Cluster ID(rs#)
beta C 2167 T (3'-UTR) X06318.1   Untranslated region   rs424741
delta C 1182 T (exon 12) L07860.1 S 375 F NP_006245.1 2 rs1056998
  A 445 G (exon 5) L07860.1 Q 129 Q NP_006245.1 3 rs1135095
epsilon T 1587 C (exon 11) X65293.1 H 524 H NP_005391.1 3 rs1143691
  C 1776 T (exon 12) X65293.1 S 587 S NP_005391.1 3 rs1143692
eta G 678 A (exon 5) M55284.1 R 172 H NP_006246.1 2 rs1042559
  A 1837 G (exon 13) M55284.1 N 558 N NP_006246.1 3 rs1088680
  G 2285 C (3'-UTR) M55284.1   Untranslated region   rs1139537
theta T 2206 A (3'-UTR) L07032.1   Untranslated region   rs1065081
  T 2554 C (3'-UTR) L07032.1   Untranslated region   rs663532
  C 2636 T (3'-UTR) L07032.1   Untranslated region   rs2453
  1. Data retrieved from [21].