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Table 1 Bacterial phyla with cultured representatives but without representative sequenced genomes

From: Exploring prokaryotic diversity in the genomic era

Phylum* Genera*
Acidobacteria Acidobacterium, Geothrix, Holophaga
Chrysiogenetes Chrysiogenes
Coprothermobacter Coprothermobacter
Deferribacteres Deferribacter, Denitrovibrio, Flexistipes, Geovibrio
Dictyoglomus Dictyoglomus
Gemmimonas Gemmimonas
Nitrospira Nitrospira, Leptospirillum, Magnetobacterium, Thermodesulfovibrio
Synergistes Synergistes, Aminobacterium, Aminomonas, Anaerobaculum, Dethiosulfovibrio, Thermanaerovibrio
Thermodesulfobacteria Thermodesulfobacterium, Desulfatotherma, Geothermobacterium
  1. * Where possible, the nomenclature of the taxonomic outline for Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology [8] has been used. These phyla are currently misclassified as part of the Firmicutes phylum [8].