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Table 1 Summary of the known members of the uncoupling protein family

From: The mitochondrial uncoupling proteins

Class Protein Species Common name Accession number*
UCP1 BtUCP1 Bos taurus Cow P10861
  CfUCP1 Canis familiaris Dog Q9GMZ1
  HsUCP1 Homo sapiens Human P25874
  RmUCP1 Macaca mulatta Rhesus macaque Q9N1E0
  MaUCP1 Mesocricetus auratus Syrian hamster P04575
  MmUCP1 Mus musculus Mouse P12242
  OcUCP1 Oryctolagus cuniculus Rabbit P14271
  PsUCP1 Phodopus sungorus Siberian hamster Q9ER18
  RnUCP1 Rattus norvegicus Rat P04633
UCP2 BtUCP2 Bos taurus Cow Q9XSE1
  BrUCP2 Brachydanio rerio Zebrafish Q9W720
  CfUCP2 Canis familiaris Dog Q9N2J1
  CcUCP2 Cyprinus carpio Common carp Q9W725
  HsUCP2 Homo sapiens Human P55851
  RmUCP2 Macaca mulatta Rhesus macaque AF202130†‡
  MmUCP2 Mus musculus Mouse P70406
  PsUCP2 Phodopus sungorus Siberian hamster Q9ER17
  RnUCP2 Rattus norvegicus Rat P56500
  SsUCP2 Sus scrofa Pig O97562
UCP3 BtUCP3 Bos taurus Cow O77792
  CfUCP3 Canis familiaris Dog Q9N2I9
  EmUCP3 Eupetomena macroura Hummingbird Q98T90
  GgUCP3 Gallus gallus Chicken Q9DDT7
  HsUCP3 Homo sapiens Human P55916
  MmUCP3 Macaca mulatta Rhesus macaque Q9N1D8
  MgUCP3 Meleagris gallopavo Common turkey Q90X50
  MmUCP3 Mus musculus Mouse P56501
  PsUCP3 Phodopus sungorus Siberian hamster Q9ER16
  RnUCP3 Rattus norvegicus Rat P56499
  SsUCP3 Sus scrofa Pig O97649
UCP4 HsUCP4 Homo sapiens Human O95847
  RnUCP4 Rattus norvegicus Rat Q9EPH6
BMCP1 HsBMCP1 Homo sapiens Human O95258
  MmBMCP1 Mus musculus Mouse Q9Z2B2
  RnBMCP1 Rattus norvegicus Rat Q9JMH0
Plant UCP AtUCP1 Arabidopsis thaliana Mouse-ear cress O65623
  AtUCP2 Arabidopsis thaliana Mouse-ear cress Q9ZWG1
  LeUCP Lycopersicom esculentum Tomato AF472619
  OsUCP1 Oryza sativa Rice Q9AVG2
  OsUCP2 Oryza sativa Rice Q9AVG1
  StUCP Solanum tuberosum Potato O24391
  SrUCP Symplocarpus renifolius Cabbage Q9MBE7
  TaUCP Triticum aestivum Wheat Q9FXQ5
  ZmUCP Zea mays Maize AF461732
UCP? PmUCP? Pagrus major Red sea bream AF487341†‡
  1. *All accession numbers are for SWISS-PROT/TrEMBL [40], unless noted otherwise. Only partial sequence is known; sequence deposited in GenBank [41].